bazodee's funhouse

hello my name is bazodee! welcome to my little corner of the internet. i am a jack of all trades, master of some.
things that i do: web development, software engineering, graphic design, music, and general art things.

i have recently decided to become an internet hermit. the past year has been an onslaught of apocalyptic news, and i want to be more precious with my time. something something social media bad for mental health, the world is dying, i'm trying my best offline to enact changes i want to see in the world, i'm taking internet privacy more seriously, etc etc you know the spiel.

however, Being Online is a part of my being (as shown by all the things i love to do) and something that i thoroughly enjoy. so, this website is simply me trying to rekindle my love for the internet and computers, as well as to stay connected and share selected works in a way that is healthier and feels more true to me.

i hope that you enjoy yourtime at this circus.

bazodee the clown

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